People-Huggers Not Tree-Huggers

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Buildings, Economics, Infrastructure

The Triple Bottom Line gives weight to the environment and the community as well as the financial. Why? Because all three affect people. The TBL values what people value and that is why we love it, because we are people-huggers.

Profitable Sustainable Design

The financial bottom line is important because if we don’t pay attention to it, we are being profligate and wasting precious resources needlessly. Using too many scarce resources means that other projects, in progress, planned, and not yet conceived become more costly or infeasible. Sustainable design means no wasted resources and not compromising other’s aspirations.

Environmental Costs

The environment is important not as an end in and of itself but because it is where we and the economy live. Our livelihood and our health depend on the environment. Carbon dioxide emissions are bad because they hurt our health and our quality of life. Pollution has a cost whether it has a price or not, and that cost needs to influence our decisions.

Community Value

Finally, being starved of community over the last COVID-stricken four months has taught the world that we need to nurture, cherish, and protect our neighbors. The community leg of the TBL stool adds stability to the financial and environmental.


In Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis (TBL-CBA) each bottom line is as important as society deems it. We put values on externalities in Cost Benefit Analysis based on our own values. The willingness to pay concept used in CBA is based on what people care about. That is why Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis is important. TBL-CBA values what we value, it is what determines our quality of life.

At Autocase we are not tree-huggers we are people-huggers.


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