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Why Use Autocase?

There are three ways to use Autocase: 

1. Co-benefits quantified and monetized – Show the location-specific impact of your design decisions on community, tenant and owner stakeholders.

2. Whole-life carbon footprint – Understand and compare your design decision and their carbon footprints, whether it’s from renewables, embodied, or operational, see the impacts and compare.

3. Lifecycle financial impacts – Automatically see the utility savings compared to local minimum code baselines, and layer on incentives, carbon taxes, upfront costs, and more to get financial metrics like payback period and more.




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Plan. Design. Report.


Location-based benchmarks

Location-based data

Save time looking for location-specific data, like carbon & air pollution emissions, utility rates and more.

Simply enter your project location and type, and Autocase pulls in thousands of defaults like city-level grid emission factors, weather data, socio-economic information, and more. We integrate with your favorite tools, too!


Location-based benchmarks

Project design-support

Compare, iterate, & prioritize multiple designs quickly & consistently.

Autocase’s user-friendly interface enables you to create, add data to, and compare multiple designs quickly in one place. Use our partner integrations to layer the business case on your existing design files. Select the most cost effective decarbonization strategies.


Location-based benchmarks

Downloadable Reports

Benchmark and report on cost, carbon and co-benefits associated with your building design. 

We can make your project presentations easy, and show if your design meets your client’s objectives, instantaneously. Save time and money switching from daunting excel sheets to Autocase’s interactive tool. 

We are proud to announce our partnership with USGBC

Use Autocase for a quick and easy way to show project value and get LEED points and earn CE credits while completing our courses.

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Our goal is to help make the case for more sustainable, higher value buildings.

Our goal is to build sustainability metrics into the design process. Whether it’s making the case for a low carbon design option, or showcasing how sustainable your portfolio is, we want to help you.

Autocase is always here to support you. We know we only succeed when you do. That’s why we have hours of training material, and a dedicated team of economists here to help!

Autocase only uses trusted economic frameworks – cost benefit analysis and life-cycle cost analysis – and data sources for quantifying metrics, so you can trust the science behind the results.

Embodied Carbon

Quantify embodied & operational carbon in seconds.

With a few pieces of energy data, Autocase automatically calculates your location-based operational carbon. Integrate with your favorite LCA tool to add in embodied carbon to tell the full lifetime carbon story.

Compare designs to prioritize the strategies that will reduce CO2 the most cost-effectively.

Reliable data from trusted sources

Autocase has spent nearly a decade collecting it’s database of local & geographically-specific economic, building and site, weather and climate change data from government sources, peer-reviewed literature, and our partners. Tap into this data for your project today!

World class customer service by experts

Our annual software licenses come with a range of training and customizable options. Our experts can support you leveraging our software. Our trained account managers and economists can help you prepare, review and present your business case.

Trusted & used by the best in the business

You’ll be in good hands. We are trusted by top AEC firms, Governments and Fortune 500 companies. Cost benefit analysis and life cycle cost analyses are frameworks that have been relied on by government for decades. Put the power of these analytics to work on your project.


HOK Compares ROI of 12 Sustainability Strategies

The on-campus office space is part of terminal connector project designed to ZNE performance in support of the Airport’s mission to become the world’s first Zero Net Energy airport campus by 2021.

Design Team Quantifies Embodied & Operational Carbon Reductions

Woods Bagot & Buro Happold are designing an all-electric midfield satellite concourse (MSC) at LAX as part of LAWA’s aim to have carbon neutral operations by 2045.

Autocase can save you time, resources, and improve your project and business outcomes.

Project business case

Upfront design decisions can yield big savings over the life of the project. We use data you already collect to help you showcase a tailored business case to your client.

Co-benefit & carbon impacts quantified in minutes

Autocase calculates carbon metrics and more within seconds, without detailed project information. Aggregate the data for year end reporting without having to open excel!

LEED Credits

Use Autocase metrics to get up to two LEED pilot credits. The two credits Informing Design using Triple Bottom Line Metrics show the benefits and communicate them to stakeholders.