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Used by building design professionals, architects, engineers and real estate owners to increase traveler spend at airports, maximize warehouse rental rates, increase occupant productivity and optimize energy efficiency.

Key features

  • Easily compare multiple design goals or building investment options
  • Put dollar values on productivity, absenteeism, and health impacts of your building designs
  • Get at least one LEED point just for evaluating your design using Autocase
  • See how your designs affect tenants, owners and the community
  • Evaluate water and energy efficiencies and renewable energy goals

Financial, social, environmental

That’s the triple bottom line

With only a few project-specific inputs, Autocase pre-populates standard buildings & localized industry-validated data to measure the impacts of your designs.

Quantify and attribute dollar values to financial, social, and environmental impacts of any project proposal
Evidence-based economic method that combines Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Cost-Benefit Analysis.
Make data-driven decisions using Autocase in the earliest design stages.

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Trusted by top AEC firms, Governments and Fortune 500 companies

To be sustainable and resilient, airports need to choose the most effective and cost-efficient investments. Hartsfield-Jackson chose Autocase.

Achieve Your Sustainability Goals: How One Firm is Making It Easier for Clients to Justify Green Building Costs

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We provide support

Our annual software licenses come with a range of training and economist support from minimal to extensive as needed. Our experts can support you leveraging our software, as well as develop custom analyses and bespoke analytics for all market sectors.

We offer consulting

Our team of experienced Consultants have conducted economic analyses on over $100 billion worth of projects and grant applications.

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