The quick and easy way to show project value and get LEED points

It is more important than ever to showcase the co-benefits of future building designs.


Join the over 100 projects that have used LEED’s Informing Design pilot credits to showcase additional value from their designs, such as occupant benefits, owner benefits, and social impacts. If you’re a USGBC member, you can earn two LEED credits on your first project for $1000.



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Earn your LEED points now


Broad Credit Support

Ability to assess credits in the Energy & Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Water Efficiency categories with more to come!




Quick and Easy Data Input

Leverage data straight from your LEED documentation to fill out your application for LEED points




Automated and USGBC/CaGBC approved outputs

Download your results and submit directly to USGBC/CaGBC

LEED Pilot Credit 1
Informing Design Using Triple Bottom Line Analysis

LEED Pilot Credit 2
Informing Design by Major Credit Category Using Triple Bottom Line Analysis

We have a new partnership with USGBC. Use Autocase for a quick and easy way to show project value and get LEED points


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