Month: March 2014

The Trillion-Dollar Gap

There was a great editorial in the Economist newspaper this last week (March 22nd-28th). The world's infrastructure deficit according to the World Economic Forum is $1.0 trillion/year. Spending runs at $2.7 trillion and the need is $3.7 trillion. For reference,...

Globe 2014 Conference

Impact Infrastructure, with Autodesk and Stantec hosted a workshop at the Globe 2014 Conference in Vancouver this week. The Business Case Evaluation Workshop was on "Prioritizing Investments for Sustainable Public Infrastructure Projects". Many communities are...

New Toronto Office @ CSI Annex

New Toronto office at the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) in the Annex, Toronto. Located at 720 Bathurst (South of Bloor). Two of the Toronto office's vehicles are shown in the picture too.

A Vision with Envision

For decades, cost-benefit analysis has helped municipal, state/provincial, and federal governments to justify infrastructure investments and communicate the benefits of these investments. Cost-benefit analysis can be used to prioritize spending and allocate funding to...

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