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by | Aug 2, 2019 | Buildings, News

We’ve added new features in the results section of Autocase for Buildings.

Interactive Charts

The charts in the results section of Autocase for Buildings are interactive. There are also more of them. Try scrolling through the financial, social, and environmental results for each of your design alternatives.


In the Design Breakdown By Feature chart you can see the value created by each design change. If you click on the bars, you can see, for example, how much of the HVAC feature’s value comes from productivity, health, and absenteeism of the building occupants.

Turn Off Data Series

Your can also highlight some series by turning off others. For example, in the Year By Year chart you can see the social benefits dominate over the operations period of the building life and financial is important during construction and demolition. You can turn off these vaues by clicking on their labels. This then highlights the environmental value that some of you stakeholder may be concerned with.

New Metrics

Everyone has their own favorite measurement of value. We’ve added lots so you can see how changing designs affects:

  • Financial Return on Investment
  • Financial Discounted Payback Period
  • Benefit Cost Ratio
  • Electricity Saved – in terms of the number houses powered
  • Water saved – measured in Olympic swimming pools
  • Employee productivity increase
  • Decrease in occupant sick days
  • Net Present Value created per sq. ft.

And if you are unsure of the definition we use, hover over the ? icon for a quick explanation.

Air Pollutants and Carbon

While we value the health, property, economic, and crop damage of pollution and carbon emissions, we are often asked for the pounds or tons of pollution avoided. Or the equivalent cars taken off the road. These are all now available. We also show you the carbon saved by your various design initiatives.

We are going to release some exciting features related to the the carbon footprint of your building so stay tuned.

Customize and Save

All the charts can be downloaded by clicking on the hamburger menu on the top right of each chart (the icon with three horizontal lines). You can view a larger chart, print, or save as PNG, JPEG, a PDF document, or a SVG vetor image. These can then be imported into your own reports.


And before you save you can highlight the series you want as described above.

Turn Off Zeros


Finally, if you have zeros in your results (for example there are no tax credits available to you or you don’t expect any residual value from your building at the end of life) you can turn these zero values off. Clicking on the Edit Stakeholder button under the table will allow you turn of these zero values.



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