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Get Autocase’s new cost estimation feature via our partners RSMeans for $500 per project and get costs added to your cost-benefit analysis earlier on in your projects than ever before!

Get started today with an Autocase license for $2,500. You’ll get a project with unlimited design scenarios, access to an account manager, unlimited collaborators, and 5 hours for professional economic support.



Includes: 1 project, 5 hours of economic professional consulting, setup and private training, technical support, unlimited users, unlimited collaborators.

Every account has an admin that can assign projects to team members. The fee is $2,500/year for each admin. Add as many team members and collaborators you want for free, and they’ll enjoy the same project access.


$2500 /project

Pay as you go. Add projects easily for a one-time fee – projects remain active for as long as the annual license is active.

Choose your project location, size, and building type or site to get started, and iterate with an unlimited number of design scenarios. Invite collaborators for free, so your team members can inform the design.

Professional Economic Services

$200 /hour

Need an extra helping hand? Additional professional economic services can be added in 5-hour bundles.

Every account comes with access to an account manager, but in addition to that, you can also purchase economic support. Support can be used to help present to a client, prepare customized reports, help with LEED pilot credit submissions, or create economic models to include in your analysis, and more…

/annual subscription fee


one-time fee



Professional Economic Services

Inputs collected directly from software tools you already use and love.

Results run in seconds.

Iterations done immediately.

Run unlimited scenarios.

Every Autocase Software License Includes

1-on-1 Support

You will be assigned an account manager, who is a fully trained economist, to guide you through your project. Our experts support you leveraging our software and more.

Location Is Key

Autocase analyses are location-specific. Gain access to hundreds of data points for your project location to inspire your project even before your first meeting.


Designs are limitless, so test out as many designs or goals as you like within your project. Easily compare multiple design goals or building investment options.

Online Support Anytime

Autocase provides in-app tutorials and in-app documentation. If you want to talk, your account manager is reachable by phone or email anytime.

Cloud-Based Platform

Autocase was born in the cloud. Gain access to integrations, and our ecosystem of partnered tools, all stored in the cloud for free and seamless sharing and collaboration.

Join the Autocase Community

Join our Autocase Advisory Group meetings, our network of research collaborations, and gain access to other free business development and training events and content.

Need a more customized solution?

We know that you might need more licenses, projects, users, or just greater flexibility
– so we provide annual customized plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase?

You will be contacted by an Autocase team member to get setup with a license right away.

What is a project?

A project is a single location and building. Projects have unlimited design scenarios, so you can iterate as many times as you like. You can also aggregate projects into a portfolio to see results for a group of projects.

More info about customized pricing?

Join other Autocase community members who have implemented Autocase firm-wide under our customized pricing. We can tailor the pricing to meet your needs based on how you plan on utilizing more broadly. Whether you need many projects, more economist hand-holding, or customized features, we’re here to help you.

How do users work?

You can have at least one, or more, admins, who control allocating projects to team members and any additional Autocase purchases. You can add as many team members that you like, as pricing changes by projects and not users. While project fees are one-time, so they can be accounted for in project budgets, the admin fee per admin user is charged annually as a subscription. That fee ensures you get to keep your past archived projects.

What do I get?

Every paid Autocase license comes with at least one project with unlimited designs, an account manager, and at least 5 hours of economist support.

You get more than just access to Autocase’s platform when you sign up, though. Autocase has compiled hundreds of papers on the topic of buildings and infrastructure science, economics and climate. We pride ourselves in being a “glass box” so you can get access to the same sources we utilize for our methodologies.

You’ll also be part of the Autocase community. We host many free webinars, AIA learning units, the ability to get up to two LEED pilot credits and ISI Envision credits, and invites to special events such as our Autocase Advisory Group meetings where we invite a few dozen folks to join us in networking and brainstorming how to continue to move the needle on sustainable design.

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