Autocase, Autodesk – What’s the relationship?

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Autocase, Autodesk – What’s the relationship?

by Terry Bennett, Autodesk and Emma Stewart, Impact Infrastructure, developers of Autocase

Occasionally, we get the question….“Autocase…is this an Autodesk product?

We can see how the association might be made, but Autocase is a separate solution from a different company. The brand name, “Autocase”, comes from the mission to “automate the business case for green buildings and infrastructure.”

The Autocase team has had 50+ years of consulting experience in providing the economic expertise to support Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis (TBL-CBA) for buildings and infrastructure. “Autocase” reflects the company’s focus on capturing that expertise in a cloud-based software application that makes it possible for anyone – a designer, a planner, an engineer – to optimize the financial, social and environmental business case for their project design, without needing a dedicated economist.

Autodesk, a leader in the world of design software, has been a strong supporter of development partners that create tools and methodologies that support new and advanced design capabilities, including tools that can optimize design on many dimensions. Because of that our companies share the belief that a triple bottom line business case analysis should accompany the design process throughout the project lifecycle. It is because of this that we have partnered in delivering this solution to the market.

So, no, Autocase is not part of Autodesk, but both companies are definitely partners and stand ready to help stormwater design engineers provide new value to their clients through business case analysis incorporated into design strategies. To help you get started, it is also why we are offering a Quick Start version of Autocase for Sites to Autodesk InfraWorks users for free for a year.

We look forward to working together with you to bring TBL-CBA into mainstream design practice.



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