The San Antonio River Authority – Investing in the Future

by | Apr 2, 2019 | News, Resiliency, Sites

The San Antonio River Authority produced a Esri Story Map “SA Today, Brooks Tomorrow” – Highlighting how impervious cover mitigation can benefit a thriving and resilient community. I encourage you to view it here. Autocase was honoured to help quantify the benefits.

The City of San Antonio’s SA Tomorrow comprehensive plan identifies place types, goals and objectives that benefit people, planet, and profit.

The Brooks area of San Antonio is expected to be a catalyst for economic development and to enhance opportunities for those who live, work, learn and play there.

The plan looked at current, traditional and mitigated land use scenarios and it was this latter plan that became the recommended development plan:

The Recommended scenario provided over $60 million in social and environmental benefits associated with flood risk, heat mortality, and water quality while reducing grey infrastructure costs.

More trees provide benefit:

By, inter alia, reducing the temperature:

Carbon emissions are reduced relative to a traditional development:

And greener streets improve the quality of life.

It is nice to see triple bottom line benefits calculated and presented in such in informative and engaging way.


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