Spring is Sprung and the School Year is Ending

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Economics, News

We were extremely fortunate to have Maha Nadeem working for us this year. Maha is a Financial Economics Specialist taking a Statistics Minor at the University of Toronto. She previously worked at  RBC and Citi Canada. A quick look over the work she has done for us shows what a key contributor she has been to our economics team:

  • Building Occupant Inputs: Estimated employees per square ft for the list of buildings in the software
  • Social Discount Rate: Researched on appropriate discount rate to be estimate the Net Present Value of social costs and benefits
  • Result Metrics: Conducted research to find the best set of result metrics to report the findings of the cost-benefit analysis
  • Social Value of Water: Researched on estimating a confidence interval for stream water value
  • Carbon Sequestration Rate: Researched on carbon sequestration rates for turfs, trees and vegetation to be used in the air pollution model
  • Value of Sustainable Signage: Estimated the reduction in the volume of plastic disposal through the use of sustainable signage
  • Data on Tornado Frequency: Researched on data sources with predictive capabilities on future tornado occurrence in Canada

We commend the University of Toronto for producing students like Maha. We are grateful that Maha chose us and  we hope we can continue to attract such smart and capable young professionals.


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