I Love Buildings

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Buildings, News


Great buildings like Notre-Dame de Paris have inspired us at Autocase to commit to do good and great things. Buildings play important roles in our lives. We have a deep need to be nurtured, sheltered, and awed by the beauty of things bigger than us.

I love buildings but not all buildings are lovable …

Not all buildings are equal. Some deliver gifts to their inhabitants, visitors, and passers by. The fire at Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral reminds us that there are great buildings that enhance life with their beauty and inspire awe and respect for their design and resilience.

Not every building can be a cathedral but lesser buildings can be held to a higher standard. They can be sited in the right location, designed to enhance life, constructed to maximize efficiency, operated to minimize waste, and ultimately, recycled.

Great buildings are resilient. They come back in many forms that demonstrate the commitment of people to beauty, design, and history. The cathedral at Notre-Dame de Paris will be rebuilt in a form that is even more inspiring and reminding us that buildings matter.


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