The Higher Standard: Triple bottom line decision making for infrastructure

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Too often infrastructure discourse is focused on the financials of a project. Discussion forms around jobs created, capital spent, or payback periods while missing the main objective of infrastructure: providing value to society. This is a reminder to designers and developers of infrastructure that what we the public want is infrastructure for the public good.

“The Higher Standard: Triple bottom line decision making for infrastructure” by John Parker and Derek Ensing Impact Infrastructure, American Public Works Association, APWA Reporter, May 2017 – read the article here or, you can access the whole issue here.

“We want to feel included and connected to our communities. We’d like all infrastructure planners,designers and decision makers to adopt a Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis (TBL-CBA) approach for infrastructure decisions to ensure that users, the environment and all stakeholders are best served by the limited dollars available.”


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