Twisted Logic – Very Punny

by | Jun 19, 2015 | Sustainability

AutoCASE for Stormwater. Next up is AutoCASE for Transit. And after that AutoCASE for Buildings.

With documentation of the transit research wrapping up this week, the development team starts coding. We at AutoCASE Research turn our attention to green buildings.

Green Buildings

Twisted Log – ick (Sorry I couldn’t resist). You don’t need twisted logic to make the business case for green buildings. Here’s the trend:

Green Buildings Trends

We’ll be combining our experience in monetizing the benefits of green building with the latest research into the benefits of green construction. The benefits are in terms of energy and water savings, health and productivity improvements, and reduced air emissions, waste and cleaner water. And our calculations will all be automated within the planning and design workflow so architects can have access to the triple bottom line of their design ideas and initiatives in real time. All of this will be wrapped into the industry standard Revit software.


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