BuildingGreen Spotlights Carbonsight: Pioneering Real Estate Decarbonization

by | Aug 25, 2023 | Buildings, News, Sustainability

BuildingGreen Features Carbonsight Decarbonization Software for Real Estate

In a dynamic world where sustainability and environmental responsibility reign supreme, the spotlight often falls on innovative solutions that drive positive change. We are thrilled to share that BuildingGreen, a recognized authority in the realm of sustainable building practices, has featured Carbonsight—an industry-disrupting tool developed by Autocase—in their insightful blog post. This feature not only underscores the significance of our commitment to decarbonization but also marks a crucial milestone in our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.


A Glance at BuildingGreen’s Feature

BuildingGreen’s recent blog post delves into the transformative potential of Carbonsight, a revolutionary tool designed to accelerate the decarbonization process in the real estate sector. Authored by Paula Melton, the article sheds light on the challenges faced by building owners in comprehending the carbon footprints of their portfolios and the subsequent financial and reputational risks. It emphasizes the pressing need for actionable strategies that align with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting.


Unveiling Carbonsight’s Power

At the heart of this feature lies Carbonsight, an ingenious creation by Autocase that stands as a beacon of hope in a world grappling with climate change. Carbonsight redefines how decarbonization strategies are conceived, executed, and tracked, harnessing the potent synergy of automation, visualization, and artificial intelligence.


A Journey Through Carbonsight’s Capabilities

The article elegantly navigates Carbonsight’s capabilities, showcasing how the tool can project the attainment of decarbonization targets across building portfolios. By merging macroeconomic factors with user-entered data, Carbonsight offers a dynamic and precise approach to aligning strategic goals with practical outcomes.

Starting with the input of portfolio-wide decarbonization targets, Carbonsight guides users through historical energy data for each property. This data can be entered manually or imported seamlessly from platforms such as Energy Star Portfolio Manager and building management systems. The tool then opens the door to explore a spectrum of asset-by-asset interventions—ranging from lighting retrofits to electrification and insulation.

Furthermore, Carbonsight simplifies the intervention selection process by allowing users to set energy goals, such as specific lighting power density. Based on these chosen metrics, the tool performs projections that offer insights into potential outcomes.


Mapping the Path Ahead

The feature article navigates the intricacies of decarbonization roadmaps, projecting the journey towards meeting emission targets. These roadmaps encompass a variety of scenarios, from policy shifts to technological advancements, providing stakeholders with a comprehensive view of potential trajectories.

Financial analysis takes center stage as well, estimating capital costs and operational savings at both asset and portfolio levels. Drawing from manual budget projections and the tool’s predictive modeling of future energy prices, Carbonsight empowers stakeholders to devise strategies that maximize value over time.


The Human Touch and Future Prospects

Paula Melton’s article underscores the collaborative nature of Carbonsight, noting that the tool is designed to empower building consultants rather than replace them. The goal is to simplify their tasks and expedite decarbonization, all while minimizing complexities.

As the building industry braces for science-based targets, innovative tools like Carbonsight emerge as indispensable allies in the pursuit of sustainable, eco-friendly practices. With a subscription-based model tailored to portfolio size, Carbonsight ensures accessibility and affordability, making it an attractive proposition for forward-thinking organizations.


A Journey Forward

In conclusion, the BuildingGreen feature shines a light on Carbonsight’s pioneering role in accelerating real estate decarbonization. We extend our gratitude to BuildingGreen for recognizing the value of our efforts and for amplifying our commitment to a greener future. As we journey forward, we remain steadfast in our dedication to transforming the real estate landscape through innovation, sustainability, and positive impact.

Read the full BuildingGreen news brief here.


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