Autocase at Greenbuild with Newest Integration Partner, Arc Skoru

by | Sep 17, 2021 | Buildings, Economics

This Summer, we announced our integration with Arc Skoru, the digital building performance platform associated with Green Business Certification Inc., the implementer of LEED building certification. This partnership will allow green building professionals to gain economic insights into the buildings and portfolios they manage.

The integration consists of 3 modules under the Financial Models tab in the Arc platform. Module 1 is a free 12 months past performance report that provides the quantified impacts from past energy and water use from operations over the past 12 months for one or more of your buildings/projects stored on the Arc platform; Module 2 is available to Arc subscribers and can perform more extensive analysis, including evaluating the costs and benefits for specific targets, which extend to zero net energy, percentage performance improvements, and absolute targets; and Module 3 is available to Autocase subscribers, allowing Arc users to import their Arc building/project data into Autocase for full social, environmental and financial analysis.

Autocase can help green building professionals understand which design features will have the biggest financial impact on their project, quantify those qualitative benefits of green building projects and showcase operational savings. Using Autocase’s financial impact analysis tools can help projects define the business case for their ESG and sustainability goals. These business cases inform early project planning, communicate the full value of sustainable design decisions and help justify sustainable actions internally or to investors and project owners.

To get started with testing out this new integration, please login to your Arc account and if you don’t have one, it is linked with a free USGBC account so you can use your existing USGBC profile or create a new one. Start today and download your free past performance report!

Next week, from September 20 until September 24, Riley McKillop from our team will be in San Diego to attend this year’s Greenbuild in person! Simon Fowell, Principal Economist, will be doing a joint session with our partner Arc as well as with Schneider Electric and Green Sports Alliance titled “You Have Your Data, Now Do More With It”. The session will be live and pre-recorded and will take place at 9:45 AM PT on September 21. Simon will outline the three ways Autocase integrates with Arc to 1) quantify the ESG impact of past building performance, 2) build a business case for future carbon goals, and 3) compare the cost-effectiveness of different decarbonization strategies so you can get the best bang for your buck.

We hope to see you at Greenbuild this year. If you are attending, please send an e-mail to to arrange a meet-up!

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