Architecture 2030 results now available in Autocase

by | Mar 18, 2022 | Buildings, Infrastructure, News

Architecture 2030 Zero Tool results are now available in Autocase. This is made possible by a partnership with Zero Tool. Minimize data inputting by retrieving Zero Tool results automatically for your project analysis in Autocase.

Architecture 2030 Baseline and Target
Autocase uses the same engine as Zero Tool to calculate the project baseline and target. Baseline and target values are calculated using the 2003 CBECS data, normalizing values by climate, weather, space type, building size, occupancy, and schedule exactly as Zero Tool does, ensuring consistent reporting on net-zero energy progress.

Your Design
Energy data, both renewable and grid, entered into Autocase are used to place each of your project’s designs on the zero tool output chart, demonstrating where each ranks against the Architecture 2030 baseline and target. for your project.

Updating Architecture 2030 Default Values
Override building-specific default values used to calculate the Zero Tool baseline and target values in the Autocase project results settings.


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