Quotable – Good Data, Good Decisions and Better Results

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It is about women not infrastructure, but its a great quote: good data, good decisions and better results …

“When you present these data in a way that is accessible and compelling, heads start nodding. I’ve seen it first-hand all over the world, including from sceptical heads of state. The more people are informed by good data, the more they can make good decisions and ultimately, the more results we will see.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton, former American secretary of state, “Unfinished business for the world’s women” – Nov 20th 2014, from The Economist – The World In 2015 print edition http://www.economist.com/news/21631962-anniversary-landmark-un-conference-women-opportunity-renew-its-vision-says

“Hillary Clinton official Secretary of State portrait crop” by United States Department of State – Official Photo at Department of State page. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons – Link


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