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by | Aug 9, 2018 | News

A new version of Autocase for Buildings is in beta testing and over the next few posts we’ll share some of the features you can expect to see come October.

Sometimes it helps to focus. Autocase for Buildings lets you do just that.

If, as described in the last post you are interested in water use, you can select just”Water Efficiencies, Greywater Reuse and Rainwater Harvesting” as shown above. If you want you analyze everything except Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) you can do so too (below).

By specifying your focus area we won’t bother you for those inputs.

If your focus changes as your design progresses,  you can add more project goals:

So let Autocase know what your project goals are is and we’ll focus our attention accordingly.

Autocase: Making the business case for high performing and sustainable buildings.

Autocase for Buildings is a software tool that models the environmental and social dollar values of building designs and, together with financial costs, evaluates their net, triple bottom line (TBL) benefit over the life of a project using a rigorous cost-benefit analysis (CBA) framework. With Autocase, the cost and time required to compare design alternatives at any stage of a project is a fraction of today’s custom studies. As a result, design firms can easily evaluate and justify different approaches and, in so doing, contribute to the future economic, social, and environmental success of every project.

For more information about how TBL-CBA would assist your high performing and sustainable building project, go to


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