What’s on my desktop?

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I like a clean desk and desktop.

Infraworks, Civil 3D and Commuter

I have a couple of icons from software I am using a lot.

Here is my current desktop.

Over the next couple of posts I’ll try to explain why each of these if blowing my mind with the current capabilities and the possibilities it suggests.

Infraworks 360

The model builder function (Autodesk calls it a preview only) is truly amazing. Anyone who has downloaded terrain files, orthimagery data, and road networks, hunted for 3D building models to include and tried to hang it all together knows what a pain it can be. The model builder allows you to draw an up to 150 km2 grid on a map and in 15 minutes it sends you an email link to your model. I’ve done this for a couple of areas. One of the best tests is, of course, New York. The 3D buildings, rail lines, and road names are pulled in auto-magically.

Autodesk Infraworks 360 Model Builder Preview

Edit Central Park Roads

SFO – edit runway pond

As I said – I’m gobsmacked.


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