Tucson 9th Urban Heat Island Workshop

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Impact Infrastructure recently provided some information for the 9th Urban Heat Island (UHI) Workshop at the City of Tucson (May 8th 2014).The work was presented by John Wise of Stantec.

“This year’s workshop focuses on green infrastructure an how anthropogenic practices in designing roadway systems affect public health, safety and welfare; especially in light of climate change and increasing temperatures, along with decreasing natural water resource. As engineers and landscape architects strive to implement best practice design solutions, the standards continue to evolve into better designs as we learn from changing stormwater and roadway patterns.”

Reduction in mortality from the reducing temperature using green infrastructure is one of several benefits quantified in AutoCASE for stormwater management.

Heat mortality reduction is valued by:

  1. Green infrastructure is first related to temperature changes.
  2. Temperature is then related to mortality rate changes.
  3. Mortality rate changes are finally valued using the value of statistical life.


Here is a link to the presentation: ii_ID_Heat_Island_May_2014_V4a. And here is a great GIS map with overlays showing temperature, tree canopy, and vulnerable populations in Tucson.


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