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by | Jun 29, 2016 | News

We cover a lot of ground in Autocase for sites.

Here’s what is included:

Feature Type



Rain Barrel


Roads & Streets

Porous Asphalt

Interlocking Porous Concrete Paver

Grass Block Paver/Grasscrete

Porous Concrete

Road (Asphalt)

Driveways (Asphalt)

Sidewalk (Concrete)

Parking Lot (Asphalt)

Other Asphalt

Other Concrete


Bioretention/Rain Garden

Constructed Wetland

Retention Pond

Dry Detention Pond

Water Conveyance

Vegetated Swales


Roofing Systems

Green Roof

Grey Roof

Infiltration Practices

Infiltration Trench

Infiltration Basin

Vegetated Buffer Strip

Landscaping Practices

Additional Trees

Additional Shrubs

Planter Boxes/Flow through Planter

Managed Turf

Unmanaged Turf

Undisturbed land

What Autocase does is take these design features and calculates:

  • the costs (yes we do automatic costing based on size or capacity)
  • the benefits of each feature (separately and together)

Then we calculate the value of these features in terms of the benefits they bring.

The benefits are:


Water Quality


Recreational Use

One-Time Subsidies

Recurring Subsidies

Property Value

Air Pollution Reduced by Vegetation

Carbon Emissions from Energy Use

Shadow Wage Benefit

Carbon Emissions Reduced by Vegetation

CapEx on Additional Piping

O&M on Additional Detention

Air Pollution from Energy Use

O&M on Additional Piping

CapEx on Additional Detention

Urban Heat Island – Heat Mortality Risk Mitigated

Replacement Costs

Operations and Maintenance

Capital Expenditures

Decommissioning Costs

Flood Risk Mitigated

Regulatory Penalties

We do a full Cost Benefit Analysis and Risk Analysis using Monte Carlo Simulation.

You can see more by watching our video. You can also try Autocase at https://autocase.com/ or learn more by reading our documentation, watching our help videos, or looking at our FAQ.


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