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The Bottomline – October 2019

In this issue, we reveal a new quarterly sustainability champion, recap our most recent Toronto AAG and webinar and upcoming events where you can find us.


The Bottom Line – June 2019

In this issue, we reveal Autocase's second quarterly sustainability champion, provide overviews of recent and upcoming webinars and AAG's and summarize what we learned at AIA'19 in Vegas.


The Bottom Line – March 2019

In this issue we introduce the Autocase's Quarterly Sustainability Champion, our upcoming webinars and the Autocase Advisory Group meetings - upcoming and past.


The Bottom Line – December 2018

In this issue we introduce our Autocase ambassadors, recap our experiences at Greenbuild USA and India, and talk about upcoming events (webinars, Autocase Advisory Group meetings)


The Bottom Line – June 2018

In the June 2018 issue, we covered the following and more: Autocase Advisory Group (AAG) Meeting Recap, Second AAG meeting,10 TBL-CBA traps.


The Bottom Line – February 2018

Here's some things we covered in this issue: In this issue: ASCE hosts new sustainability webinar, Autocase will be presenting at NP2018 in San Francisco in February and our take on green bonds.


The Bottom Line – October 2017

In this issue we covered: Autocase at GreenBuild, Envision V3 updates, Op Ed: Reflections from ASLA 2017 and Airports Going Green.


The Bottom Line – June 2017

In this issue, we discuss: the release of Autocase for Sites, our Infraworks partnership and Trump's infrastructure plans.


The Bottom Line – March 2017

Here's what we covered in the March 2017 issue: Autocase featured in USGBC+ Magazine, new Autocase features, and upcoming events like AWWA and ESG3 Summit.

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