Meet some of our connected but socially distant team: lethargic pistachio; caffeinated yogurt; and optimistic clif bar.

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It’s been a long week. Our San Francisco office cheered us up with this:

Your quarantine name = How you feel + what you last ate.

See below for an introduction to some of the Autocase team’s pseudonyms.

What we are doing during the pandemic

We are keeping our employees and customers safe.

  • We are working remotely and staying connected.
    • We have a daily Autocase cafe and water-cooler social chat to start the day (on the east coast of North America and India) and a virtual lunchroom to stay connected (and to welcome our west coast office to the start of their new day).
  • We are working effectively and efficiently with each other, clients, and partners.
    • We are delivering support, training, and services using video conferencing.
    • Our agile development process has not changed. With two-week sprints (or cycles of production), daily stand-up meetings for both the economic research and development teams, sprint reviews, refinements, and retrospectives, these are all working well on-line.
    • We are continuing to work with our partners to expand services on the Autocase platform and to bring Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit (TBL-CBA) analytics to other design tools.

Business continuity

  • As a software as service company we are lucky that we are able to deliver, maintain, and enhance our software continuously and remotely.
  • We do not, now, see the need for extraordinary actions, however we are listening. If you need help, or think there is something we can do, let us know.

We are focused on the long-term.

  • Everybody’s horizon has shrunk in the last few weeks. While not ignoring the short-term challenges, we realize that the wave we were riding is only growing. Concern for health, community, and the environment have been brought into sharp focus. There is a realization that the economy serves us not the other way around. Priorities have shifted.
  • We also realize that governments are engaging on massive fiscal stimulus packages and that while speed is of the essence there is a concern that resources are not wasted and money is put its highest value. Economic analysis is well-suited to help make these decisions, trade-offs, and, to demonstrate that policy makers are serving the public good.
  • Our goal is still to help people make better design decisions. Decisions that focus on the lifecycle of buildings and their sites. Decisions that, as well as the financial ledger, put in dollar terms the costs and benefits of health, the quality of life, and the environment.

Autocase’s Quarantine Names

Here’s some of our team as of Friday March 20th 2020:

  • lethargic pistachio;
  • caffeinated yogurt;
  • anxious hummus;
  • concerned cracker;
  • restless green curry;
  • optimistic clif bar;
  • hopeful salsa;
  • energetic yogurt;
  • bored popsicle; and,
  • sleepy toast.

In case you are having trouble finding words for your quarantine name: inspiration


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