Carbonsight Launch: Building Portfolio Decarbonization Planning Tool Unveiled

by | Jun 7, 2023 | Buildings, Software, Sustainability

Last week at EHDD headquarters overlooking the Bay Bridge in San Francisco we launched Carbonsight, a new SaaS software that empowers organizations to strategically navigate the transition to a low-carbon economy. This tool helps ESG managers, building portfolio managers and consultants save hundreds of hours by bringing disparate data together to identify and roadmap building energy reduction measures, all in an interactive dashboard that provides an instant ‘what-if’ risk analysis.

If you have ever ridden a London Underground train, you will have heard the warning, “Mind the Gap.” Great advice as the potential for harm from a fall through the space between train car and platform could be perilous.

The same can be said with climate change and contributions made by buildings – 40% of global carbon emissions. The gap between carbon baselines and decarbonization targets is perilous. Unlike the London Underground, it wasn’t until recently that climate risk has been so obvious. Fortunately, we’ve moved into a new time when greenwashing, corporate checklists, and flashy images of “green” headquarters buildings aren’t cutting it. What about the millions of other buildings?

Investor demands combined with growing global regulatory pressure, and customer expectations are exposing the need to decarbonize entire portfolios of assets. A key gap filling solution was launched last week as several of us went to San Francisco (and Apple HQ in Cupertino) to celebrate the launch of Carbonsight Essentials, a new portfolio focused SaaS software that allows building managers and owners to organize the right data, quantify and visualize CO2, while creating cost-effective adaptive building plans that meet Scope 1 and 2 goals.

Everyone we spoke to last week, including the likes of AECOM, the GSA, Gensler, SFO Airport, ARUP and many more were excited to see the ability to close the gap between understanding energy consumption and identifying specific actions aimed at maximizing decarbonization at minimum costs. Carbonsight’s unique features make it the most comprehensive carbon planning solution on the market. It not only automates the data gathering necessary to create an effective plan, assessing energy efficiency, conservation, fuel switching and renewable investments, but also helps portfolio and sustainability managers understand the carbon and cost trade-offs to identify the most cost-effective path to reach their GHG targets.

Stay tuned over the next few months for Carbonsight Pro, which will take things to a whole new level using Machine Learning and AI to streamline the process even further.

Achieving carbon emissions goals for thousands of buildings at a time is what is required to overcome the gap we face today. Carbonsight conserves capital and time while increasing transparency for portfolios making aggressive strides toward decarbonization.

Carbonsight Essentials is now available for real estate portfolios worldwide. To learn more about how Carbonsight can help your organization reduce its carbon footprint, visit today!


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