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A complex project can be costly and time consuming

Autocase can help with that

Autocase offers software support for airport building and stormwater projects. Our Account Managers and Economists have broad experience with airport utility improvement plans and major redevelopment projects.


Autocase compares the benefits and costs to the environment, passengers, and staff of your airport building designs.


Analyze the effects of decisions regarding building energy systems, power procurement, daylighting and views, interior lighting, thermal comfort, water use, stormwater, etc.

Take advantage of dozens of regionally-specific values to cater the analysis to your airport

Make the case for LEED and/or secure extra LEED Pilot Credits just by running the software

Gain a better understanding of how your building decisions are affecting value for passengers, employees and the environment

LEED and TBL-CBA building projects

Collaborate on your projects with colleagues or share results with clients with one click.

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Advisory Services

Resilient airport design starts with effective stormwater management.


We’ve already data collected the data for your city, automated the business case, and worked on similar projects

Our economists can make the business case for new building technologies

We provide economic support for project stakeholder meetings

Allow us to make the case for the benefits to the owner, occupants, community, and environmental

A complex project can be costly and time consuming. Have our experienced economists take some of that burden.

Tap into over $100 billion of expertise. Our economists have conducted economic analyses on architecture projects across a wide range of sectors

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Total Cost of Ownership and Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis



Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis (TBL-CBA) provides an objective, transparent, and defensible business case framework that expands on the industry standard total cost of ownership to also include environmental and social impacts. With TBL-CBA your airport project can be designed to be resilient, sustainable and high-performing — providing benefits to passengers, employees, and the financial bottom line.

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We provide support

Our annual software licenses come with a range of training and economist support from minimal to extensive as needed. Our experts can support you leveraging our software, as well as develop custom analyses and bespoke analytics for all market sectors.

We offer advisory services

Our team of experienced Consultants have conducted economic analyses on over $100 billion worth of projects and grant applications.

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Trusted by top AEC firms, Governments and Fortune 500 companies

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August 25, 2023

BuildingGreen Spotlights Carbonsight: Pioneering Real Estate Decarbonization

We are thrilled to share that BuildingGreen, a recognized authority in the realm of sustainable building practices, has featured Carbonsight—an industry-disrupting tool developed by Autocase—in their insightful blog post.

August 12, 2023

What are the top decarbonization risks?

Given that buildings contribute roughly 37% of global CO2 emissions (with the sector’s operational energy-related CO2 emissions reaching ten gigatonnes of CO2e in 2021) the existing building stock is low hanging fruit to make a meaningful dent in the fight to decarbonize.

July 19, 2023

What Can We Do?

Yesterday morning I was fortunate to be in a small group of people gathered in West Tisbury on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard to hear from Bill McKibben, author of “The End of Nature,” released in 1988. The timing was sad but perfect...


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