What’s on my desktop 3?

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Happy Labour/Labor Day!

I have posted a couple times (here, and here) on the programs that I have been using a lot recently. The last favoured icon on my (Windows) desktop is for Autodesk’s AutoCAD Civil 3D. This is where we have data collection tools for AutoCASE for Stormwater. Civil 3D users can add green infrastructure or low impact development items to their drawing, tag them as AutoCASE objects, and have the information used to run an Automatic Business Case (as easy as ABC). This allows people to add, change, and experiment with the design. At each iteration an ABC can be run to examine the Sustainable Return on Investment.

The beta interface is changing dramatically as we move towards our commercial launch. Our beta Civil 3D interface looked like this:


We have a new look for the icons:

Screenshot from 2014-08-28 09:30:48

The stand-alone web version of AutoCASE for early planning (or analysis without design drawings) is changing too. The look is cleaner and simpler:

Advanced, detailed information always available but not required:

Stay tuned for more updates as Ryan, Rares, Tim, Trevor, and Dan labour over the new AutoCASE look and features.


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