​Upcoming Presentation ​The Value of Infrastructure

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Upcoming presentation The Value of Infrastructure

TABE: The Value of Infrastructure Export Event
Wednesday 29 April 2015, 12:00 – 14:00

The Value of Infrastructure

John C. Parker, Chief Economist – Impact Infrastructure

For over 30 years John Parker has led teams of economists analyzing infrastructure projects and policy alternatives. Prior to joining Impact Infrastructure, Inc., Mr. Parker led a team of 14 economists undertaking custom consulting for over 60 infrastructure projects of all types and sizes. Projects types included: buildings, land, waste, transportation (air, rail, road, and active transportation), water, energy (gas, renewables, coal, hydro generation, gas and electricity transmission), and transit (bus, commuter rail, subway and light rail rapid transit). Recently Mr. Parker has been automating infrastructure valuation. He led the team that developed the Business Case Evaluator – an economic and risk companion tool to the ISI Envision Rating System for Sustainable Infrastructure. Most recently his team launched AutoCASE®, a cloud based automated cost-benefit and risk analysis tool designed to use planning and design data from building information modelling (BIM) and computer aided design (CAD) software.

Public infrastructure is expensive, long-lived and can significantly affect productivity, the environment, as well as quality of life. Cities are taking the lead in advocating for resilient infrastructure but being cash strapped they need to make a business case for the increased costs associated with climate change adaptation. The benefits and costs of infrastructure are numerous and the beneficiaries are likewise many. Too often, the benefits of large infrastructure investments are difficult to quantify and so are not considered or are not communicated effectively. Economists can help cities to articulate the full value of infrastructure. This presentation will consider different approaches to infrastructure valuation. It will discuss how economists can be useful to infrastructure planning, design and stakeholder engagement. It will also introduce how the emerging infrastructure exchanges are working to standardize infrastructure valuation to bring more private investment to public projects.

Location Industry Canada, 3rd floor boardroom
151 Yonge Street


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