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Impact Infrastructure’s connections around the world continue to grow. In our research department we have benefited from the experience and hard work of students from China, Brazil, Hong Kong, and now Ghana.

Ghana Regions map

Nana Yaa Abrafi Boa-Amponsem is a student at the University of Toronto taking a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Equity Studies. She worked with Impact Infrastructure over the summer and help us on several projects including a survey of social discounts rates used by governments, creation of a data release calendar, AutoCASE data updating and database expansion, and finding research related to the value of reliability in transportation.

We were able to have Nana join us due to our friend Matt Byrnes, Toronto Site Director of the Academic Internship Council. Smart lady that she is, Nana is a recipient of a MasterCard Foundation Scholarship:

“The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is a $500 million, 10-year initiative to educate and prepare young people – particularly from Africa – to lead change and make a positive social impact in their communities. … The Scholars Program provides young people from economically disadvantaged communities who have demonstrated academic talent and leadership potential with access to quality and relevant education.” http://mastercardfdnscholars.org/

We thank Nana for her hard work, wish her well, and hope she enjoys the rest of her time in Toronto.

As Nana returns to U of T for another semester we will be welcoming two new students for the 2015-2016 academic year.

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