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by | Jul 15, 2015 | Uncategorized

Last post I showed a new print reports feature in AutoCASE. There is a companion new AutoCASE feature – the Review Inputs feature.

You can now preview your inputs all in one place before running your analysis. There are many inputs pages included in AutoCASE. Previously, you would have had to navigate through every inputs page to double check your values. Now, you can preview all of the values input in AutoCASE in one table.

A Review Inputs pane comes up automatically when you run a design scenario (unless you tell it not to show):

You can also review inputs as you input them by pressing the Review Inputs button:

You can quickly find the input or value you are looking for by searching. If you want to see the Tree Diameter input, typing “Dia” to find the input (adding another letter i.e. “Diam” will narrow it down further and get rid of “Median House Value”).

You can Print a nicely formatted report of the inputs (or save as a pdf) for someone to review, or as a record of the analysis:

or Download the report into Excel (or as a .csv) file:

One neat shortcut is that if you want just want inputs that have acres, you can search:

and then download will give you just these values:


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