Autocase for Public Private Partnerships

Maximize Returns and Project Value with Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Value

A public private partnership (P3) consortium, made up of a builders, architects, engineers, investors and others are often led by construction companies. This new breed of master builders need to understand the value of a P3 bid to all of the project stakeholders. The best way to do this is with Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis.

Autocase for Sites

Resilient construction practices starts with effective management of site stormwater. Autocase for Sites calculates the benefits and costs of BMPs that can clean stormwater, reduce flooding, clean the air, sequester carbon, and reduce air temperature.


Model 25+ land use and stormwater BMPs Model the impacts for 25+ stormwater design options, including bioretention, swales, and permeable pavement

Rely on regional defaults or override them with inputs of your choosing

Repeatedly run and refine the business case from early planning through detailed design

See results in risk-adjusted dollars, and account for uncertainty using the software’s Monte Carlo simulation of low/expected/high ranges

Compare and collaborate on your projects with others

Build resilient stormwater management into your designs

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Autocase for Buildings

Construction of high performing building projects -- LEED certified or otherwise -- need to make the business case. Autocase for Buildings compares the benefits and costs to the environment, building occupants, and owner of competing building alternatives.


Analyze effects of decisions regarding building energy systems, power procurement, daylighting and views, interior lighting, thermal comfort, water use, stormwater, etc.

Make the case for LEED and/or secure extra LEED Pilot Credits just by running the software

Collaborate on your projects with colleagues or share results with clients with one click

Gain a better understanding of how your building decisions are affecting value for passengers, employees and the environment

LEED and TBL-CBA building projects

Take advantage of dozens of regionally-specific values to cater the analysis to your airport

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Show P3 Project Stakeholders the Value of Changes with Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis (TBL-CBA)

A construction firm’s new lead role in P3’s means that while they use to just build, now they manage architecture firms, engineers, designers, operators, as well as the people holding the purse strings. To win a P3 contract the new master builder must understand what is of value to the owner. That is, they need to have a deep understanding of the public value of the project. They also need to make sure that the designs being proposed are in line with what the public/owner wants as well as what is financially beneficial for the consortium as the operator. Managing the multiple bottom lines of different stakeholders requires a TBL-CBA perspective. TBL-CBA, can be used to choose the right projects, provide the information to make them acceptable to stakeholders, and help ensure that they are designed and built in an optimal fashion.

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Leading AE firm, Dewberry, assesses the costs and benefits of their own headquarters renovation

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The $2.4 billion redevelopment of San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Terminal 1 will elevate SFO’s standard of providing a world-class, environmentally friendly travel experience.

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