Which LEED credits is Autocase applicable to?
Which versions of LEED support these pilot credits?

Both pilot credits that the software supports are available in LEED v3, LEED v4, and LEED v4.1. The tool is directly geared towards LEED v4 but light edits done by our Account Managers can be made to cater the results output to the LEED version applicable to your project.

What credits are available for inclusion in Autocase?

Autocase’s current iteration covers credits in Energy & Atmosphere (Optimize Energy Performance, Renewable Energy Production, and Green Power and Carbon Offsets), Water Efficiency (Indoor and Outdoor Water Use), and Indoor Environmental Quality (Interior Lighting, Daylight, Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies, Quality Views, Low Emitting Materials, Thermal Comfort). Future releases will add to this functionality with credits inside of both Location and Transportation and Sustainable Sites.

Are all options for the Indoor Environmental Quality credits that have them available covered by your analysis?

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies – Option 1 – Filtration considerations Option 2 – Increased Ventilation
Low Emitting Materials – Option 1
Thermal Comfort – Both, the analysis relates to Thermal Comfort Controls
Interior Lighting – Option 1
Daylight – Option 1 and/or percent of occupants with daylight access

When should I run an evaluation?

Many of the data points needed for the submission will not be available until the later stages of design; however, the pilot credit is not limited to any particular part of the design process. Autocase is geared towards collecting data from your finalized design performance outputs.

Does it cost more to do both pilot credits?

It does not, your Autocase project will support both pilot credits in one, given that you meet all the requirements for both in your analysis.

What edits to the report download are needed for submission?

No edits to our report export are necessary, just download the PDF export and include it in your LEED documentation.

What happens if a reviewer takes issue with the submission?

Autocase’s Account Managers will actively support any projects that may need revisions performed to address LEED review comments and ensure that the pilot credits are approved.

What project locations are supported by the software?

Autocase has hundreds of locations across both Canada and the United States, if you’re interested in a particular location please reach out to us! For projects outside Canada and the US, please contact an account manager, as we may be able to still support your project.

How long does it take to put in the data and get the submission report?

If you come to the software with data points in-hand, the data input and results output process takes less than an hour.