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The Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking (JSFB) for April focused on infrastructure.

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John Williams corralled several colleagues, partners, friends, and employees of ii to contribute to the JSFB:

  • Global Sector Research – Unleashing Impact Capital into Public Infrastructure and Building Projects, John Williams – Impact infrastructure … p.25
  • Global Sector Research – Building Sustainable Cities with New Design Processes and Open Data, Brian Young – Autodesk … p.31
  • Global Sector Research – Transportation Facilities Focus on Sustainability, Anthony Bernheim – Bernheim + Dean … p.40
  • Regional Imperatives – Infrastructure Imperatives Drive Regional Competitiveness, Marty Janowitz – Stantec … p.45
  • Enhanced Analytics – Filling the Infrastructure Data Gap in Impact Investing, John Williams – Impact infrastructure… p.49
  • Enhanced Analytics – Using Established Tools to Achieve Infrastructure Projects Valuation & Risk Assessment, John Parker – Impact infrastructure… p. 52
  • Accelerating Impact – New Tools, New Tricks: Emerging Applications Are Becoming Game Changers, Ryan Meyers – Impact infrastructure… p.54
  • Sustainable Standout – Trinity River Vision Authority Applies Sustainability Rating & Business Case Analysis, M. Wilkins & K. Shepherd –Verdunity… p.56
  • Sustainable Standout – San Diego Int’l Airport Named First LEED Platinum Certified Commercial Airport Terminal, Jim Grant – HNTB … p. 59

The Journal focused on what is in sustainability valuation for investors. Using a Sustainable Return on Investment (SROI) process can help impact investors understand the risks and full value of infrastructure projects.

Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking – April 2014

The JSFB can also be accessed from cornerstonecapinc.com.


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