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AutoCASE featured in ENR (Engineering News Record) (links added):

Impact Infrastructure’s Williams is working with IT firm Autodesk to perfect AutoCASE, a cloud-based tool that links Envision to visualization software. “You plug in project parameters and the tool provides a probability-based return on investment dollar value,” says William A. Wallace, a Colorado-based sustainability consultant and early developer of Envision.

“Our AutoCASE tool is the only cloud-based automated product that plugs into BIM technology to run real-time cases mapped to Envision,” says Williams, who pioneered the technology at HDR before retiring in 2012 to form his firm. “Our goal is to create a common analytical engine that runs sector specific metrics” and enables project comparisons “on the basis of total returns,” he says.

Stantec used the ROI tool on work it did to develop green infratructure (sic) development guidance analysis for Pima County, Ariz., working with Impact Infrastructure as a pilot project. “It was quite helpful in analyzing and supporting analysis and conclusions regarding opportunities to utilize Sustainable ROI to develop and adopt practices and support these options with a robust business case,” says Janowitz. By analyzing choices and full benefits over a project’s entire life cycle, “We believe it can be of benefit for designers and engineers and can be a way to communicate results and defend choices to political leaders or to the public,” he adds.

Impact Infrastructure recently released an AutoCASE version that includes Canadian data and green infrastructure cost estimating features, Williams adds.”

We are continuing with our support for Envision, with the release of the BCE for Transit – the prototype for AutoCASE for Transit

Envision is critical to the industry because it is the only rating system, among hundreds, with the credibility, scale and reach into hundreds of thousands of capital program decision-makers,” says John Williams, CEO of consulting firm Impact Infrastructure, which is developing Envision capability to also measure project economic value and return on investment. “It is the only tool in the world that addresses the value of public benefit and provides real-time feedback. The existence of an objective, transparent and comparable business case makes a huge difference in dealing with stakeholders.”


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