The Cost of Crumbling Infrastructure? $43 + 1 Day Off Work

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Uncategorized

I ran headlong into the problem of crumbling infrastructure on Friday. Cycling in to work early I hit a lump of concrete in the bike lane and my cycling calm was abruptly ended.

The cost of the spill? A taxi ride home ($40), a day recovering from a concussion, and a transit ride back ($3) on Monday to get my bike. Not monetized in this calculation is the cost of the bruises and scrapes.

Not that you asked but I am better thank you. I am back on the bike after a weekend respite. I went back yesterday and retrieved the offending lump (that I had hurled off the road on Friday).

It makes a nice paper weight on my desk. It is also a reminder to a) “Let’s be careful out there” and b) keep advocating for infrastructure investments.

Speaking of crumbling infrastructure and advocating for investment, I have been sent this rant by John Oliver by lots of people recently:


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