An economist who loves to code?

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Python Code

We are convinced that we are not the only people with graduate degrees in economics and business who love to write code.

We use Python to automate cost benefit analysis. We use Monte Carlo simulation to simulate risk. We pull data from multiple government and academic sources. We use meta-analyses of the value of ecosystems services and damage response functions for externality monetization. We are integrating cost benefit analysis with Geographical Information Systems (GIS). The complex methods and data we analyze are presented in intuitive and simple user interfaces and our results are presented in Building Information Modelling (BIM) 3D visualizations.

Our economic and statistical analysis is plumbed into the workflow of civil engineers, architects and designers of green and grey infrastructure projects of all sizes. We think we can reduce the cost of transparent and industry standard economic analysis through automation.

Along the way we’ll have fun making the world a better place by doing good and great things.

If what we do sounds interesting and you think you can contribute contact me – John Parker, (416) 659-8560.


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