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Make the Business Case for Green Infrastructure Stormwater Management

No matter what you call it - Autocase offers software and triple bottom line support for Green Infrastructure (GI), Low Impact Development (LID), Best Management Practice (BMP) stormwater management practices that benefit the community, the site owner and the environment.


Resilient design still requires a strong business case. Green infrastructure has been proven as a complement or replacement for grey infrastructure at the watershed, city-wide, and site level.


Make the case for LEED and/or secure extra LEED Pilot Credits just by running the software

Take advantage of dozens of regionally-specific values to cater the analysis to your building

Gain a better understanding of how your building decisions are affecting value for passengers, employees and the environment

Analyze the effects of decisions regarding building energy systems, power procurement, daylighting and views, interior lighting, thermal comfort, water use, stormwater, etc.

Collaborate on your projects with colleagues or share results with clients with one click

LEED and TBL-CBA building projects

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Advisory Services

Our team of professional graduate-level economists have extensive experience with all kinds of stormwater management projects. From feature-by-feature analysis for small urban sites to prioritizing thousands of alternatives city-wide.


Our economists can make the business case for new building technologies

We provide economic support for project stakeholder meetings

We’ve already data collected the data for your city, automated the business case, and worked on similar projects

A complex project can be both costly and time consuming. Why not have our experienced economists take some of that burden off of you.

Allow us to make the case for the benefits to the owner, occupants, community, and environmental

Tap into over $100 billion of expertise. Our economists have conducted economic analyses on architecture projects across a wide range of sectors

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A Business Case in Terms that Stakeholders Understand - Dollars

GI/LID has many benefits. A project may be undertaken to reduce flooding or improve water quality while reducing carbon emissions and cleaning the air. Property owners may benefit from a property value increase and the project may reduce deaths by mitigating the urban heat island effect. Green infrastructure and BMP’s can reduce the cost spent on traditional stormwater retention and detention. Valuing the net benefits in a common metric – dollars – and organizing all costs and benefits into a triple bottom line bids allows you to understand different stakeholder perspectives. Autocase allows you to easily compare different design options against each other by assessing the financial, community and environmental impacts in a common metric.

At Autocase, we’re here for you

We provide support

Our annual software licenses come with a range of training and economist support from minimal to extensive as needed. Our experts can support you leveraging our software, as well as develop custom analyses and bespoke analytics for all market sectors.

Autocase for Buildings

Civil Engineers working on high performing building projects or pursuing LEED certification need to make the business case for their proposals.  Autocase for Buildings compares the benefits and costs to the environment, occupants, and owner your building designs.


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Engineers Making the Business Case for GI/LID with Autocase

Here’s how clients are showing the benefits of green stormwater management

Barr Engineering optimizes the value of a redevelopment site for the City of Saint Paul and the Capitol Region Watershed District.

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Autocase assists the City of Pittsburgh in conducting Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis (TBL-CBA) as part of its“Green First Plan”.

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August 5, 2020

People-Huggers Not Tree-Huggers

At Autocase we are not tree-huggers - we are people-huggers. Our people-first values are reflected in our methodology: Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis values what we value and that is why we love it, because we are people-huggers.

June 22, 2020

TBL-CBA for Planners Using GIS

Designing with nature has led GIS to account for nature spatially and TBL-CBA to account for it in dollars. Designing with geographic and economic knowledge has the potential to lead to decisions as to the best location that satisfy most stakeholders.


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