Business Case Evaluator for Transit

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Working with the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI), Impact Infrastructure , LLC (ii) today demonstrated the Business Case Evaluator (BCE) for Transit. The BCE for Transit tool will be made available soon through ISI. The BCE for Transit values the sustainability benefits within ISI’s Envision framework.

Sustainable Net Present Value of Transit
Sustainable Impact Value (SIV) of Transit

Building on the BCE for stormwater (see also the BCE for stormwater) ii has added many other costs and benefits for transit. Some examples of benefits quantified include benefits or transit to low income households, savings to drivers and transit riders, increased safety, property value benefits, shadow wage benefits, health benefits, and pollution and carbon emissions reductions. The BCE for stormwater and the BCE for stormwater use a Sustainable Return on Investment (SROI) Process in a comprehensive sustainability accounting framework.

Multi-Benefits and Costs of Transit
Multi-Benefits and Costs of Transit

The model has many defaults built-in to aid early feasibility and planning. It contains, for example, simple corridor or network transit and traffic simulation as well as automatic U.S. regional property value uplift calculations. All values are open to be overridden with local inputs.

ii is at the center of efforts to create standard risk-adjusted metrics and tools for project valuation. The company’s AutoCASETM product line automates business case analysis for infrastructure and public building projects. AutoCASE automatees the SROI Process so that infrastructure planners, designers, and stakeholders can estimate the sustainability impact value (SIV). Through the Business Case Evaluator tools, available in the public domain, Impact infrastructure aims to encourage the a standardization of data inputs, methodologies, and outputs from infrastructure project valuation and sustainability analysis.


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