​Envision BCE Version 3.0: Updated Data & Methodologies, Simplified Inputs

by | Jan 30, 2015 | Economics, Sustainability

Impact Infrastructure is proud to announce an updated, expanded and improved version of Impact Infrastructure’s EnvisionTM Business Case Evaluator. The model, example project, user manual and documentation can be downloaded from Impact Infrastructure’s website.

Triple Bottom Line for Canadian Stormwater Management Projects Added


In addition to the 290-city data coverage in the U.S., the newest version of Impact Infrastructure’s EnvisionTM Business Case Evaluator now has the ability to analyze projects in 136 Canadian cities. The data behind the models has also been updated to 2015. The BCE now uses the long-term OECD inflation forecast for both Canada & the U.S.A. as well as up to date provincial/state unemployment rates and property prices. Tax rate data has been updated and now includes marginal national tax brackets in addition to additional payroll deductions for social programs.

Version 3.0 makes evaluating a stormwater project easier and more efficient with optimized inputs. Not only will it take less time to analyze a new project; you’ll get more accurate results due to updated and enhanced methodologies and new benefit categories. The urban heat island or heat mortality, property value uplift, and recreational use value models have all been refined to improve model accuracy. The shadow wage benefit has been redesigned to align with industry standard methods, and to handle transfers between project stakeholder groups. The carbon emission and air pollution models now incorporate the pollution removal abilities of green roofs and grassy vegetation. The social value of water quantity is now estimated whenever the projects leads to a reduction in water use on a project site. Additionally BCE contains a new model which estimates the value of extending an asset’s lifespan – a major financial benefit when installing green roofs.

Finally, a major overhaul in the cost estimation methodology and cost database has been conducted for Version 3.0. Costs are now based on reported cost estimations in 14 different reports and/or databases. This allows costs to be estimated based on both the total area of the project features and the retention volume, where applicable. The BCE now has the ability to adjust the cost estimates based on economies of scale to provide the more accurate planning stage cost estimates for your project. Finally the BCE adjusts costs from each of the reports/databases to the national construction cost average using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rain fall zones. This ensures the cost estimates are relevant to the geographic location the project is located in.

Download Impact Infrastructure’s EnvisionTM Business Case Evaluator for Stormwater today to have access to better methodologies, more benefits categories, and the most accurate results.


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