AutoCASE Beta Test Results Complete for Arid Southwest

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From: Pima County » Government » Regional Flood Control District » Floodplain Management » Low Impact Development

Cost Benefit Study

“Pima County Regional Flood Control District (RFCD) and Pima Association of Government (PAG) contracted with Impact Infrastructure, LLC and Stantec to beta test AutoCASE™ in arid southwest region. AutoCASE™ is currently in the beta stage of testing for stormwater infrastructure. AutoCASE™ analysis provides a comprehensive assessment and takes a broad perspective, looking at the value to the community, government, and the environment. The analysis makes the case that these investments pay back in more than cash terms, and the benefits cited above all have value to a wide range of stakeholders. The project team collected data and calibrated the tool specifically for arid southwest region. The report demonstrates that the approach used in AutoCASE™ can calculate comprehensively defined value using regionally specific values and that the calculations can be run inexpensively as the design changes.”

Final report


Swale - Irene Ogata
Swale – Irene Ogata
[img alt=”Infiltration Trench – Laura Mielcarek” src=”×225.jpg” data-mce-src=”×225.jpg” height=”225″ width=”300″>

Infiltration Trench – Laura Mielcarek
[img alt=”Cistern – Evan Canfield” src=”×225.jpg” data-mce-src=”×225.jpg” height=”225″ width=”300″>

Cistern – Evan Canfield


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