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More feedback on ii’s presentation to the International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure, held November 6-8 in Long Beach, California from the ASCE News:

“I think attendees got the message, ‘Okay, delivering infrastructure projects that contribute to sustainability is important, but how are we going to do it? What you’re telling me is that our current design methodologies are not sufficient,’” says Wallace, president of Wallace Futures Group, LLC. “Engineers want to know how these methodologies need to change. They also need to show project owners the value of incorporating sustainability into projects. One interesting development comes from a company called Impact Infrastructure, LLC run by John Williams. “At the conference, John and his colleagues demonstrated their model which can provide credible estimates of the full lifetime dollar value—environmental, economic and social—of an Envision-rated infrastructure project. As it turns out, the lifetime value of the project is substantially greater than the economic value alone. If you’re a public works engineer, this is a really valuable tool for justifying civil works project investments to a city or county government. To me, this is a real game-changer.Emphasis Added – See more at:

Nice location:

But the civil engineers stayed in doors and got the message to “Get In The Game”:


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