Create a more sustainable, resilient and cost-effective built environment.

Autocase brings unparalleled economic analytics to your fingertips with advanced LEED based software.

We enable designers and real estate teams to justify their life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) in order to pioneer resilient, eco-friendly, and financially optimized spaces.


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With Autocase’s pioneering approach, our clients have not only exceeded their sustainability goals but have also seen a significant reduction in operational costs by up to 30%, demonstrating that eco-friendly choices are also economically smart.

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Autocase LEED Software Screenshot showing ESG data points provided by the platform for building owners and REITs

Autocase LEED Software

Autocase software empowers teams to make the business case for more sustainable, higher value buildings.

Carbonsight software to decarbonize real estate portfolios and plan EUI reductions for building portfolios and REITs

Carbonsight Software

Carbonsight is a software platform that enables teams to build actionable decarbonization plans for real estate portfolios.

Explore how our products empower customers to lead in design, real estate and sustainability:

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Page Design & Architecture Firm

Understanding the success of the Indeed Tower project in Austin, Texas with Jill Kurtz.


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HOK Architectural & Design Firm

Enhancing the service that we give, by enabling our clients a full understanding of their investment.

City Planning

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San Francisco International Airport

The total cost of ownership and the broader social and environmental impacts of SFO’s redevelopment?


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City of Toronto + MJMA Architects

How the added expenditure of a NZE Building for City of Toronto was justified.

City Planning

Download the latest Autocase e-book that looks at the business case for low-carbon retrofits in the US in today’s market.

Topics Include:
  • Energy price forecasts
  • Electricity grid emissions
  • The changing social cost of carbon, and new reporting regulations
  • How scope 1, 2, 3 carbon emissions are calculated for buildings
  • A case study that presents how a library in San Antonio calculated the business case for energy efficiency measures.

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