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TBL-CBA for Planners Using GIS

GeoDesigning with Nature using Economics GIS creates maps and tools to that make designing at scale easy by putting the infrastructure and building decisions in context on a map to answer the question “what’s the best location”. TBL-CBA has taken the same starting...

Price is Not Value

The pandemic has highlighted some important price/value mismatches and I’d like to explain how what we, at Autocase, do and how it fits into the post-pandemic world.

Autocase’s Latest Features – June 2020

New Integrations with Autocase: Tally & Cove.Tool; Residential Projects; Mixed-Use Buildings; Real-Time Results; Sample Project; PV Cost Estimates; Results Export; Social Cost of Carbon; and accounting for future changes in Local Electricity Generation Emissions.


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Autocase Pricing Use our calculator to determine the best setup for your business.Get started today with an Autocase license for $2,000. You'll get a project with unlimited design scenarios, access to an account manager, unlimited collaborators, and 10 hours for...


Leading AE firm, Dewberry, assesses the costs and benefits of their own headquarters renovation

City of Pittsburg

Autocase assists the City of Pittsburgh in conducting Triple Bottom Line Cost-Benefit Analysis (TBL-CBA) as part of its“Green First Plan”.

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